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Midterm 2

1-Problem is something that has difficulty and needs to be resolved.

In academic life,there is a concept called problematization which is a set of questions to achieve something(product,idea etc.)

If we look at from science window,problem is the point where one starts from.For a scientific research,first of all,one should define a problem.Then study to solve it.

2-Method is a way or a form to do something,generally a systematic way.

We can say that method is the formul of a problem.In a scientific research,for example, after defining the problem,a set of studies must be done to solve this problem.Here,these studies are called a method.There can be many kinds of sets of studies for a problem-solving means a problem can be solved by more than one method.

Methodology is a system of methods means methodology includes methods that are performed in a particular order.

Here,methodology is like method.Method is a set of studies to solve the problem while metodology is a set of methods to solve problems...If we continue to scientific research example,one can say there is a methodology if and only if s/he uses more than one method in a particular order means after a method there exists another problem,then to solve this problem s/he uses another method,then a problem exists again for example and it continues in such way.Here,all these methods in a particular order called a methodology.

3-Theory is an opinion about something,that can not prove by one who has the opinion but it is thought be true by one.

Theory is generally thought as one step under of a rule.This step is the proof.Because it is not proven,nobody say that is absolutely true(reality).However,everybody accept it is true because a theory is tested with an experiment or an approximation.

There are two fundemantal criterias for theory;which are experimentally verifying and encouranging by many sprands.

Hypothesis is an idea that is not tested by an experiment or an approximation.It can be called as pre-theory because if it is proven it will be called as theory according to scientific research steps.

Paradigm as scientific is an ideal set of practises that form scientific discipline.It can be mixed with scientific method according to this definition;however,scientific method is more general than scientific paradigm.Because scientific paradigm is the ideal set of experiments to solve a problem it is much more specified.

4-Strategy is the total plans to achieve anything.All plans in the period when a study is performed to develop something,form the strategy.From another view point,all ideas of one's to approach to a result-solution of a problem,developing version of a product,etc.-are called strategy of that person.

Plan is one part of a strategy to develop something.In fact,it called as a program or a regularity of a period to approach the new(developed) knowledge.For example,in the steps of a scientific research,after one form a hypothesis,s/he must make some set of plans to test the hypothesis as true or not.

Control is thought as power.Scientific meaning is power to check or restart something.Another meaning is standart condition-in the sets of scientific research,in the experiments set there should be a control group to compare the experiment group(meaning the changes) with the standart conditions-.

5-Model is sometimes a miniature copy or sometimes a one-to-one copy of a product.Altough many people accept this meaning as the first meaning for "model",some people accept the meaning of model as the plan.In scientific uses,model can either be used as the miniature or one-to-one copy of a product or as the plan of a workings of a system,object,concept.

Snowball Effect is a serial events that is happening itself after the first event.In chemistry for example,there are some reactions called continuous reactions.In such reactions,the first reaction is occured by an outer factor,after that the following reactions are occured by themselves.This circumstance is called as snowball effect.

Waterfall Diagram

6-Validation/validity generally has the meaning that check or certificate something as it satisfies a certain criterion.From engineering view point,it is thought as becoming the needs of the customer of a product and the system together.Clearly,to make the rigth product that includes the needs of the customer is called validation.

Significance is called as the importance.For example,the most significant item of a car is without any hesitation the wheel (If there is no wheel in a car,after that time it is not called as car =) ).

Reliability has the meaning that if a product or anything has the ability of doing its main job under all conditions in a rutin time,then it is called as reliability.We can say that the reliability is a bit similar to guarantee according to their meanings.If in the guarantee period,a product lost its realibility,one can give it to the services without any paying.

Relevance/Relevant is called as the suitability/suitable.In scientific operations,the relevance of an action, item, material, etc. is very significant for te future of the research, system, experiment, etc. .If one use irrelevant material for a chemistry experiment for example,the material maybe cause an explosion.

7-Event is called as happening.In science for example,event chain methodology is a network technique analysis that surveys the changing rate of the happenings -events- in a particular time.

Process is the period when methods for something are performed.It is the time that includes all sets of performing a product from beginning of the system.For example,take breath(O2) into alveouls is a process for performing CO2 and H2O.

Life Cycle is a period that includes beginning,developing and finishing(for humans;borning,growing,dying).It includes many processes in it.For example,making the engine of an auto is called as a process,making the wheels is called as a process while from beginning to finishing means go to junk yard is called as life cycle for an auto.

8-Iterative is called as repetitive.If we think on life cycle,iterative means that beginning step will come after finishing step.Recycle is a good example for iterative concept.

Sequential represents some particular periods that are in a following logical order.Again,if we think on life cycle,all steps(beginning-developing-finishing) are sequential.Who can say first step must be finishing or life cycle is such a period that includes finishing-beginning-growing steps that are occured sequentially?Of course,no one =)

9-In a kitsch photo,the photographer should make an good observation such that,s/he can have awarness of the disfigurement.Then s/he will collect datas about what is wrong with his or her view.Finally he or she can abstract the antithetic object from his or her visual such that the photo becomes beautiful at least for photographer..

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