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Abraham Maslow (1908-1970)

He studied on successful people about psychology.Maslow thought that people have particular needs to become happy and loving.

Maslow created a hierachy of needs with 5 needs and also add “As one desire is satisfied, another pops up in its place.”.

Here is the Maslow's hierachy and explaining of all needs:

Physiological Needs

This includes the most important needs that are the biological necessities such as,oksygen,water,food etc.This is the bottom of the hierachy because a person who does not afford these needs will be die.

Safety Needs

Children feel more unsafe comparing to the adults because when they afraid they feel like that and they can not pass to the next step.From adults sight,they feel unsafe during emergencies or times of disorder.

Love and Belonging Needs

To escape loneliness and alienation people need love and a sense of belonging.

Esteem Needs

People need feel valuable.They need some respect from their self and others.If they do not met this need,they become weak,helpless and worthless.

Self-Actualization Needs

Self actualization is thought by Maslow that a very small group of people reach this level which is called a person's finding their "calling".


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