30 Mart 2008 Pazar

Begining of Engineering Education

One of the treaties that were written by the first civil engineerings shows us the beginning of the engineering education and practice in classical times.This treaty is called as Vitruvius' De architectura, written in Rome in the 1st century AC which includes volume work covering building materials,construction methods,hydraluics,measurement and tower planning.

The mediavel Europen engineers like Villard de Honnecourt had a wide knowledge on mathematics,geometry,natural and physical science and draftsmanship.

In Asia,engineering also developed in a similar way like Europe without some differences with more and more sophisticated techniques like construction,hydraulics and metallurgy helping to create advanced civilizations.

Also if we think an education belongs to school,we will see that the first schools of engineering were founded in France,in the middle of the 18th century.





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