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Main Branches of Engineering

After the industrial revolution,engineering was developed with its parts called main branches of engineering

Engineering is seperated some sub-disciplines which concern them-selves with differing areas of engineering.The Main Branches are classified(historically) like that:

Aerospace Engineering - Engineers belong this part work in designing aircraft, spacecraft and related topics.

Chemical Engineering - The conversion of sore materials into usable commodities.

Civil Engineering - Engineers belong this part work in design and build of public and private works, such as infrastructure, bridges and buildings.

Electrical Engineering -Engineers belong this part work in designing of electrical systems, such as transformers, as well as electronic goods.

Mechanical Engineering -Engineers belong this part work in design of physical or mechanical systems, such as engines, powertrains, kinematic chains and vibration isolation equipment.

Nowadays engineers can also be classified into 11 types,according to kind of work they do: build,advising,design,development,teaching,planning,production,research,sales,service and test engineers.

Engineering specialized into many parts like agricultural • aerospace • architectural • automotive • biomedical • ceramic • chemical • civil • computer science • electrical • engineering physics • environmental health and sanitary • geological • marine • mechanical • metallurgical and materials • mining • nuclear • ocean • petroleum • systems • textile • and transportation during the last 200 years.

Industrial engineers work to minimize wastes of time, money, materials, energy, and other resources.To doing this they know many things and they belong many parts from 11 areas which are classified according to what engineerd do.Similar fields that industrial engineers are very close to are Operations Research, Management Science, Financial Engineering, Ergonomics, Process Engineering, Value Engineering and Quality Engineering.





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