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Henry Ford (1863-1947)

He is the creator of Ford Motor Company which is an automobile producer.

He left his home in 1879 and went to Detroit to learn how to be a machinist.After his education life,he joined Westinghouse Company and worked on motors worked with petrol.He became an engineer in the Edison Illuminating Company on 1881.After years,Ford and Edison who is the most famous inventor all over the world became friends.After he became a chif engineer,he could made Quadricylce on 1896.After this succes,Edison left the company and built another one called Detroit Automobile Company but this was fold on 1901.

On 1903 Ford built Ford Motor Company with 11 financier by 28.000 USD.Modell T which was sold by the company on 1908 gained a lot of fame.On 1918 Modell T was the half of the automobiles used in America.Company had sold 15 million of automobiles which were the same model until 1925.Without any hesitation this success was depend on the moving assembly line which was Ford's idea to lower the price.

Ford is also known that he didn't give permission about syndicate actions in his companies.In fact,he gave many to nazies and Hitler to protect him from syndicates is also said by many people.

Assembly Line

To lower the price,Ford and his team found four principles which were interchangeable parts,continuous flow,division of labor and reducing wasted effort.

Assembly of the Modell T was broken by Ford into 84 distinct steps to divide the labor and briefly "one step one worker" was formulise this principle.We can say that Ford was affected from "Taylor's motion and time study" in this principle.

Against many peoples believes,Ford is not the inventor of assembly line.It is invented by Ransom E. Olds,Ford improved only the idea of Old by installing conveyor belts.

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