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Frank Bunker Gilbreth (1868-1924) was a bricklayer,a building contractor and also a management engineer.Additionally he gave lessons at the Purdue University.He married with Lillian Evelyn Moller( 1878-1972) who graduated from Unversity of California on 1904 and they were parents of 12 children.

Gilbreths are one of the greatest husband-wife team in science and engineering.They studied on the development of motion early in the 1900s as a management and engineering technique.They originated micromotion study and breakdown of a work into fundamental elements now called therbligs.They studied on these elements by a motion-picture camera and a timing device.This is the method wich was developed by Gilberths and resulted in the publication of "Motion Study" on 1911.The method can be explained basicly that systematically investigated and analyzed the mechanics and timing of specific tasks."Fatigue Study"(1916) and "Applied Motion Study" (1917) are the two books that Gilbreths published after the "Motion Study".

Briefly we can say that Frank Bunker Gilbreth was the first person who applied motion picture photography to the study of surgical operations and also they(Gilbreths) were affected from Taylor's time-motion studies.

They also focused on applying the social sciences to industry,by changing the actions of the worker instead of changing the environment of work.





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